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Manta Ray wings is an Israeli based manufacture of PPC wings. We develop our wings, we test flight them and we give the best service to our pilots. The actual cutting, sewing, and line assembling are made in Thailand & Korea at the biggest, and most advanced parachute paragliders stitching workshops/factories in the world.  We are constantly checking the quality and very proud of the final product quality.

The Manta representing 1st generation of wings that was designed out of 20 years of achieved knowledge (flying and designing wings for other brands). 

Today after 10 years of flying the 1st generation we developed the 2nd generation and we named it Manta +

It is an evolution of a few previous designs which were well known and valued by worldwide PPC pilots and Israeli PPC pilots in particular.

According to feedback from worldwide PPC pilots, the Manta wing has a very good inflating character, great handling, and stability with a coordinated turn and improved rigidity in the air, making flying more comfortable and reassuring compared to other brands.

The  Manta+ wing still has a more elliptical shape look at the wingtips.  

All the pilots that tested flying it immediately felt the great inflating characters and easy ground handling (kittening).

The feedback from all pilots saying that they got the extra reassuring feeling from the wing and immediately started enjoying it with no fear.

Performance-wise, the Manta wing has a great climbing rate and a very easy and stable descends even for landing without engine power.

The Manta wing is built with top of the line materials - Dominico Dokdo 30D (water repellent) 41 g/m² cloth, Kevlar lines, made in France Piguet rapid links 625 kg.

The Manta wing was tested in Switzerland and passed both the shock and static strength load tests with no damage to the lines or wing structure up to 2000 kg.

The Manta wing is produced in 2 sizes for better flying characters on different weight loads.

  • The optimum weight for Manta 500 will be about 230kg – 400kg
  • The optimum weight for Manta 550 will be about 300kg – 500kg
  • The new design Manta Plus + is a newly developed wing, which has better characteristics than the previous Manta wing in all aspects: rate of climb & descend, easier shorter takeoff, sharper turns, and accurate steering, it is a slightly quicker wing.
  • Every pilot who has flown the new Manta + turned back with great joy, saying it is the best ever made PPC wing they have ever flown.

Powered Parachute Manta Ray Wing For Sale

  • Size 500 550
    Area sq. ft 500 (46.6 cm) 550 (50.2 cm)
    Projected area m 38.9 42.1
    Aspect Ratio 3.65 3.8
    Flying weight kg 220 - 400 280 - 500
    Flying weight pounds 485 - 882 620 - 1,105
    Minimum speed 28 km/h 28 km/h
    Trim speed in the weight range 53 - 60 km/h 53 - 60 km/h


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